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Welcome to Who Space! Fan site for Doctor Who.

WHO SPACE will be the place to find news on new releases in Doctor Who (CD/Audio) and reviews. We'll also update you on conventions in the US/UK. I've also collected a large selection of links that might be of interest to Doctor Who fans. Any Doctor Who information that I think will be interesting I'll make avaliable for ya! I also have my images and audio collection avaliable for you in the Gallery or via the downloads section.

If you have any breaking news that you'd like to post feel free to submit it to this site!

BBC Approves the Doctor Who at The Story School Educational Summer Camp
Posted by Mercy on Thursday, October 24 @ 10:04:57 CDT (6140 reads)
Doctor Who General StorySchool writes "The BBC has graciously granted permission to The Story School, a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to using stories to educate, the use of the character known as the Doctor in the Doctor Who television series, as a character in their educational summer camp. The character of the Doctor will be played by an actor with an education background who will engage the campers (known as “Heroes”) in a variety of science-related mysteries. These mysteries will help the heroes unravel the plot, fight monsters with foam swords, discover treasure, and learn while having fun. The Story School, in Reading Massachusetts offers two educational summer camps that use creative education as an effective method for getting young children to think. They will be hosting two different summer camps in 2014, and are urging parents to enroll their children quickly as they are already nearing capacity for the next season. The first summer session is called Zombie Summer Camp, and the second is Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp. The interactive plots in both camps will be inspired by the Doctor Who series, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. The Story School summer camp is similar to a role-playing computer game but it is actually a live, interactive, theatrical event with a story plot that changes depending on the decisions of the campers. Similar to Live Action Role Playing (LARP), except that the emphasis is on education with characters from real world literature, mythology, and media. The Story School summer camps also have teachers as counselors to make the stories and mysteries educational with lessons in science, literature, history, and other academic subjects. Doctor Who is a science-fiction television series produced by the BBC and is the longest running science-fiction television show in the world. The show stars an alien humanoid known simple as the Doctor who is a “Time Lord” who travels throughout the universe and time in his sentient spaceship called TARDIS (acronym: Time and Relative Dimension in Space). Doctor Who also won the 2006 British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series and five consecutive (2005–2010) awards at the National Television Awards. About The Story School Founded in 2013 when Jeff Wegman and Meghan Gardner, of Guard Up Family Swordsmanship, joined forces with parents, teachers, and coaches to form the 501c3 nonprofit organization, The Story School. The Story School’s mission is to increase awareness of the benefits of story based learning through summer camps, events, and workshops. Their educational summer camps act as an opportunity for children to play the role of a hero while learning valuable life skills as well as academic lessons. The objective of each Story School summer camp is to help children learn and grown through live role-playing stories. These stories allow the students to choose their own adventures, leading to different outcomes, while being exposed to educational lessons and embracing the role of the hero. The Story School is a licensed provider and funding recipient of Guard Up programs and summer camps. For more information about The Story School, Wizards & Warriors Summer Camp, Zombie Summer Camp, or the educational power of stories, please contact Meghan Gardner at (781) 270-4800. "

(Read More... | Score: 5)

Sylvester McCoy (7th Doctor) Appearance in Dallas TX
Posted by Mercy on Sunday, January 27 @ 16:54:54 CST (5164 reads)
Doctor Who Conventions All-Con writes "Honoring the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and the theatrical success of Peter Jackson's film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey", Sylvester McCoy is making a once-in-a-lifetime appearance in Dallas, Texas at 'All-Con' March 8-10, 2013. Even more rare are the exclusive fan events being offered. Friday March 8th are both a private 'VIP' discussion panel limited to 100 attendees, and a meet-and-greet fan dinner limited to 50. Saturday March 9th is another private 'VIP' discussion panel, again with a limited audience of 100 people. Each of the VIP panels is followed by a private autograph event. The admission price to the VIP panels includes 1 autograph on a fan supplied item or photograph supplied by Mr. McCoy, with additional autographs available for purchase. No autographs will be signed at the fan dinner, but along with the served meal Mr. McCoy will be performing with Darwin Prophet, a steampunk musician. www.DrWhoAnniversary.com"

(Read More... | Score: 5)

Site work, data from backup
Posted by Mercy on Wednesday, April 18 @ 13:33:20 CDT (4434 reads)
General Info I had to restore some data from backups due to some mass spam issues. Hopefully not to much was lost. I know I don't update much but right now RL is just keeping me away from the Who Verse ;(

(Read More... | Score: 0)

Doctor Who News: Doctor Who t-shirt until 27th August
Posted by Mercy on Wednesday, August 24 @ 13:57:23 CDT (4731 reads)
Doctor Who General freeves writes "Doctor Who t-shirt design Nocens Lupus (Bad Wolf) is available at the limited edition t-shirt site The Yetee for $11 only until 27th August. The Doctor turns up everywhere - here's the Tardis in the Bayeux Tapestry. http://www.theyetee.com

You can also get the design on a mug here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/flamingimp "

Doctor Who News: New Interview with Karen Gillan and Cute Doctor Who Crafts made by fans!
Posted by Mercy on Wednesday, August 24 @ 13:57:06 CDT (4110 reads)
Doctor Who General LJ writes "Women's website Stylist have interviewed Karen Gillan about the latest series (along with some pictures of the shoot she did with brother magazine Shortlist): http://www.stylist.co.uk/people/karen-gillan-worlds-at-her-feet

There's also some cute pictures of craft homages to the Doctor made by his biggest fans: http://www.stylist.co.uk/life/doctor-who-gets-crafty


Doctor Who News: Elisabeth Sladen
Posted by Mercy on Tuesday, April 19 @ 16:45:25 CDT (3936 reads)
Doctor Who General Terrible news today for those that have enjoyed a wonderful actor in Doctor Who, Elisabeth Sladen has passed away. I just can't think of any words, she was an icon in Doctor Who and wonderful actor.


Doctor Who News: New Season of Doctor Who, April 23rd!
Posted by Mercy on Wednesday, April 13 @ 15:15:34 CDT (3593 reads)
Doctor Who General Starting on April 23rd Doctor Who will be airing in the US and the UK! For the first time we'll be seeing dual release in both countries.

So setup those DVRs for April 23rd, check your local listings but for me it's BBC America.

Dalek's for your kids?
Posted by Mercy on Thursday, January 27 @ 18:52:58 CST (4512 reads)
If you ever wanted your own personal Dalek but never got one as a child, now you can get one for your own kids, check this out, it's a riot.


(Read More... | Score: 0)

Doctor Who News: Official Dalek Blue prints
Posted by Mercy on Thursday, September 16 @ 16:30:27 CDT (3527 reads)
Doctor Who General The BBC has release blue prints to create your own Dalek! If you've ever wanted to create an "official" version of the evil beings then check this out.


Doctor Who News: Sonic - Wiimote!
Posted by Mercy on Tuesday, September 07 @ 10:54:39 CDT (4829 reads)
Doctor Who General Ever wanted to sonic blast your wii game? Well it seems you will soon be able to. Grab your own sonic screwdriver wii-mote and start your own Doctor Who adventure with the wii.


What do you think of the new Doctor, Matt Smith?

Where did they find this guy? Worst ever!
I've seen worse.
He's ok.
He's surprisingly good.
Best Doctor yet!


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